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We care for the mind and body. Relieve stiffness and pain. Help your mind and body relax while improving your overall health! Relieve emotional tension and bring your body to its ideal balance. Improve blood circulation and eliminate harmful toxins. Reduce insomnia and improve REM sleep.

Prevent and treat many symptoms such as body aches, work & life stress, constipation, and wicked migraines. We care for you. Let us provide you with a memorable massage experience!


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Why Us?


PG Massage specializes in massage therapy for ongoing maintenance, pain relief and musculoskeletal soft tissue injury. Each massage therapy session is designed to best meet the needs of the client. Massage therapists customize every massage using Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Thai Techniques, Deep Tissue Massage, Stretching and Myofascial Release for the session.


Our facility posseses a relaxing, inviting environment from the moment you enter the space until your session has ended. We serve water and tea which aids in circulation and digestion as well as to replenish hydration after your session.


We are located at:

The Stevens Professional Suites
925 Florida Ave
Suite C
Palm Harbor, Fl

We're in Historic Downtown Palm Harbor right off the Pinellas Bike Trail, off the Alt 19.
The DEBINE Brewery is on the corner.


We are open by appointment only from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm daily.


Personalized Massage
60 Minute Massage - $70  
90 Minute Massage - $90
120 Minute Massage - $150

Deep Tissue Massage
Using long, deep strokes, we will focus on your inner muscle and connective tissue. You will start to experience instant healing from strained, sore muscles, as well as reduced inflammation and increased blood flow.

Swedish Massage
Do you need to relax? Our Swedish massage helps you to relax. We will focus on the areas that hold tension - those areas that hold the stress of the day.

Myofascial Release
Focusing on connective tissue, myofascial release will help to relieve pain and restore range of motion.

Thai Massage
Using gentle stretching and pressure techniques, Thai massage can instantly reduce stress, release muscle tension,and stimulate circulation.

Did you know that there are certain points on the hands and feet that are energetically connected to other areas of your body? A reflexology massage will help to promote health and balance in the entire body by applying pressure on “reflex areas” . Great for Stress related conditions, Tension headaches, Digestive disorders, Arthritis, Insomnia, Hormonal imbalances and much more.

Stretching/Sports Massage
A sports massage is great for easing soreness and muscle tension after a strenuous exercise or sports injury. Let us help you maintain your active lifestyle.

Detoxifying Body Wrap 
90 Mins (includes 30 Minute Massage) - $125

Body wraps are an enjoyable experience that will help to detox, promote slimming & toning, fight cellulite and relax muscles. (Chocolate, Detoxifying Epsom Salt, Melon, Peppermint)

Full Body Scrubs 
90 Mins (includes 30 Minute Massage) - $125

Treat yourself to a full body scrub that will remove dead skin cells and impurities, thereby promoting radiance and healthy, blemish-free skin. (Sugar, Salt, Coffee)

Enhance your massage or spa experience with Aromatherapy. Known to reduce aggravation, stress and anxiety. Please ask about this add on during other massage and spa services.  (Add-On - $10)

Sauna Service
5 Minutes - $15
30 Minutes -$25
45 Minutes $40

Quickly rid your body of toxins as your body uses its natural ability to sweat. Experience healing critical for optimal health through regularly scheduled sauna sessions.

Body Contouring & Sculpting 
Introducing  Vacuum Therapy - Body sculpting and buttock enhancements available now. Clients will experience natural lifting and tightening using state of the art pulsating vacuum therapy. Body contouring is non-invasive, non-medical and more affordable than current medical procedures and just as effective.

Body Love Packages (Soon to be expanded)

  • Ahhhh Spa 2 Hour Session (Hand or Foot Scrub, 45 Minute Massage, Hand or Foot Treatment, Aromatherapy, Hot Stones) - $197
  • Pamper Me 3 Hour Session (Body Scrub, 60 Minute Massage, Hand and Foot Treatment, 15 Minute Sauna, Aromatherapy, Hot Stones, Light Refreshments)-$299
  • Energizer 4 Hour Session (Coffee Body Scrub,  Chocolate Body Wrap, 90 Minute Massage, Hand and Foot Treatment,  30 Minute Sauna, Aromatherapy, cellulite treatment, 1 Meal & Light Refreshments)-  $397
  • Flower Child 6 Hour Session (Body Scrub,  Body Wrap, 120 Minute Massage, Hand and Foot Treatment, Stretching, Meditation, 30 Minute Sauna, Aromatherapy, cellulite treatment, Paraffin Wax Treatment for Hands, 2 Meals & Light Refreshments) - $549
  • Shabang 8 Hour Session (Body Scrub,  Body Wrap, 180 Minute Massage, Hand and Foot Treatment, Meditation, 30 Minute Sauna, Stretching, Life Coaching Session, cellulite treatment, Paraffin Wax Treatment for Hands and Feet, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy, 3 Meals & Light Refreshments)- $745

Group Body Love Packages:

Massage Party in a box (Up to 4 people)-$549 (Up to 8 people)-$1069 (Up to 12 people)-$1599

  • 30 min full body massage for each
  • hand and foot scrub
  • hand and foot treatment
  • hot stones
  • Aromatherapy
  • optional cellulite treatment or stretching
  • Complimentary Gift
  • Add on-Light refreshments (Finger food and wine or nonalcoholic beverage options)- $99
  • Add on other services

Design Your Own Body Love Party: Call for pricing

Body Love Contouring Services: Prices TBD

Gift Certificates: 

  • 30 minutes -$45
  • 60 minutes - $70
  • 90 minutes - $100
  • 120 minutes- $150
  • Spa packages.

Gift Certificates can be used for both in office and mobile appointments